Impinj-Air Cooling Modules & Cooling/Freezing Tunnels

Building Impenged Air Cooling Fans Since 1987


The Impinj-Air process lowers the production cost while improving overall product integrity. The reduced freezing time will reduce the size and number of water crystal formations often created by other methods. Dehydration is minimized and product texture is maintained.


Single or multiple modules can be added to an existing conveyor system to enhance the use of ambient air, cooling more efficiently and quickly. Single or multiple module applicatin can reduce product temperature more efficiently when space limitations or a slight temperature reduction is all that is necessary.


Impinj-Air Cooling Fans - Impinj-Air Cooling FansImpinj-Air system benefits include:

Quality Features of the Impinj-Air Process:

Any size avaliable in Boldt type.


Impinj-Air Cooling Fans - Impinj-Air Cooling FansImpinj-Air Cooling Fans - Impinj-Air Cooling Fans